We take pride in offering our contract workforce the best benefits and compensation packages in our industry, and we think you will too!

Everyone at CIRI contributes to the development of programs, regardless of role. Your input will not only be heard; it will be encouraged.

As a member of our CIRI team, you’ll be driving our company culture and what makes us an amazing place to work!

Marketing Supervisor / Content Writer

Reports to the Marketing Manager
Conducting through research on industry-related topics, generating ideas for new content types and proofreading articles before publication. Ensure marketing content is relevant to create interest for clients and consumers.

  • Excellent overall writing skills in a number of different styles / tones
  • Impeccable spelling and grammar
  • A deep understanding of CIRI clients and consumers and what motivates them online
  • Great research, organizational and learning skills
  • High comprehension of software like Microsoft Word and Google Docs
  • An understanding of formatting articles on the web
  • Experience with online marketing
  • Ability to meet deadlines, follow guidelines and communicate with clients
  • Very competitive salary
  • Projects that employees can be genuinely proud of
  • Excellent opportunities for career progression
  • Staff incentives and reward schemes
  • Employee extensive training
  • Retirement plan

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Compensation and Benefits Officer

Reports to the Human Resource Manager
Responsible for ensuring fair and accurate compensation, including regular salaries, bonuses, stock options, and any additional types of CIRI employee benefits. The compensation and benefits officer works with hiring and recruitment officers, and other HR personnel to ensure that job offers are both based on market rate and have internal equity.

  • Interpret and implement Human Resources policies regarding administration, benefits, compensation, etc.;
  • Make independent decisions (or escalate when appropriate) to resolve administration issues for the team;
  • Review processes and policies and make proposals for improvement as necessary;
  • Manage the employee files to ensure excellent organization and compliance. When appropriate, implement changes to filing and organization systems;
  • Responsible for creating and maintaining the electronic records for all corporate staff and managing all HR aspects of their payroll; ensuring such information is held in the strictest of confidence;
  • Prepare and submit monthly headcount and turnover reporting;
  • Monitor, approve and control the payroll processing for all entities;
  • Determining market rates;
  • Monitoring internal equity and analytics;
  • Building bonus structures.
(Benefits and Leaves of Absence)
  • Work on employees’ leave of absences and compensation claims;
  • Act as a leader and subject matter expert on company leaves and handle disputes, requests for information and other leave-related matters;
  • Resolve benefits issues and handles investigations and/or complaints on employee benefits related matters;
  • Assist in implementing and administering benefit programs, including medical, dental, disability, life insurance, workers’, compensation, employee assistance, retirement and other plans;
  • Prepare communications to employees about benefit programs, procedures, changes, and government-mandated disclosures;
  • Monitor and ensure the accurate payment to all employee on an approved leave of absence;
  • Implement any and all incentive programs given by CIRI to its employees;
  • Identify and implement benefits to increase the quality of life for employees, by researching benefits issues.
  • Design, evaluate and modify benefits policies to ensure that programs are current, competitive and in compliance with legal requirements;
  • Analyze compensation policies, government regulations and prevailing wage rates to develop competitive compensation plan;
  • Managing the enrollment, renewal and distribution processes.
  • Prepare compensation proposals;
  • Monitor compliance with all wage and hour regulations and make recommendations to meet the requirements;
  • Evaluating compensation policies;
  • Ensuring that the pay practices comply with the labor law and regulations;
  • Assessing the organization’s pay structure.
(Job Analysis)
  • Writing and revising job descriptions;
  • Determining position classifications;
  • Preparing and updating salary scales;
  • Making recommendations to managers regarding job descriptions, salaries and classifications
  • Very competitive salary
  • Projects that employees can be genuinely proud of
  • Excellent opportunities for career progression
  • Staff incentives and reward schemes
  • Employee extensive training
  • Retirement Plan

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Safety and Health Manager

Reports to the Human Resource Manager
Responsible for establishing policies that will create and maintain a safe workplace and to ensure everyone in the company and different project sites complies with health and safety laws. Ensure the workplace meets all legal expectations and actively supports occupational safety and health standards.

  • Conducts safety meetings, audits and inspections to ensure compliance, evaluate performance, identify corrective action, and implement follow up assessments;
  • Plans, implements, and conducts preventive care, safety and compliance training programs;
  • Plans, implements, manages and maintains comprehensive environmental safety and health programs on premises or at project site locations;
  • Provides project management team with guidance on safety and health and confirm project site fulfils industry, local and national guidelines and regulations;
  • Collaborates with management to develop an Emergency Action Plan and serve as primary contact for project site injury and incident notification, investigation, and case management. Maintains a written log of safety inspection activities, reports and correspondence;
  • Provides project management team with guidance on health and safety;
  • Guarantees that all work is performed in accordance with approved manuals, internal policies and procedures, contract documents, and good engineering practices;
  • Provides technical support to Project Managers and the Management;
  • Develops and maintains project cost/change controls, and project budget and accounting records;
  • Coordinates and monitors schedules, updates, invoices and submittals;
  • Reports the status of projects to business and market leaders;
  • Participates in team meetings and provides regular on-site project presence.
  • Very competitive Salary
  • Projects that employees can be genuinely proud of
  • Excellent opportunities for career progression
  • Staff incentives and reward schemes
  • Employee extensive training
  • Retirement Plan

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M.I.S. Manager

Reports to the Human Resource Manager
An MIS Manager operates computers, computer software and lead a team who handle these systems. He oversees the entire IT Department, which includes the network management, software development and the company’s network security.

  • Develop and maintain broad knowledge of company’s business and technology requirements and needs;
  • Develop and maintain system plan including operational requirements, budget requirements and schedules;
  • Develop and implement MIS policies to ensure data accuracy and security;
  • Develop and implement standardized MIS procedures across all business applications;
  • Develop process improvements for increased efficiency and cost effectiveness;
  • Plan and manage software and hardware installations;
  • Perform periodic maintenance and servicing of MIS system to improve operational efficiency;
  • Monitor MIS performance regularly to avoid unplanned outages and down times;
  • Provide employee support for OS issues, network problems and software installations, etc.;
  • Monitor MIS performance regularly to avoid unplanned outages
  • Conduct training on MIS activities to increase staff expertise
  • Supervise and motivate MIS team to work collectively and efficiently;
  • Coordinate with MIS team to ensure that technology, infrastructure and operational requirements are met;
  • Plan and manage upgrades of hardware and software systems;
  • Track and monitor security of hardware and software systems;
  • Recommend and implement new technology solutions to improve productivity.
  • Very competitive Salary
  • Projects that employees can be genuinely proud of
  • Excellent opportunities for career progression
  • Staff incentives and reward schemes
  • Employee extensive training
  • Retirement Plan

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Security Manager

Reports to the Engineering and Operations Manager
Responsible to organize and oversee all security operations of CIRI. Oversees the entire security personnel and develop & implement policies and procedures to maintain security standards.

  • Write or review security-related documents, such as incident reports, proposals, and tactical or strategic initiatives;
  • Train subordinate security professionals or other organization members in security rules and procedures;
  • Plan security for special and high risk events;
  • Review financial reports to ensure efficiency and quality of security operations;
  • Develop budgets for security operations;
  • Order security-related supplies and equipment as needed;
  • Coordinate security operations or activities with public law enforcement, fire and other agencies;
  • Attend meetings, professional seminars, or conferences to keep abreast of changes in executive legislative directives or new technologies impacting security operations;
  • Assist in emergency management and contingency planning;
  • Arrange for or perform executive protection activities;
  • Respond to medical emergencies, bomb threats, fire alarms, or intrusion alarms, following emergency response procedures;
  • Prepare reports or make presentations on interval investigations on internal investigations, losses, or violations of regulations, policies and procedures;
  • Identify, investigate, or resolve security breaches;
  • Monitor security policies, programs or procedures to ensure compliance with internal security policies, licensing requirements, or applicable government security requirements, policies and directives;
  • Analyze and evaluate security operations to identify risks or opportunities for improvement;
  • Create or implement security standards, policies and procedures;
  • Conduct, support, or assist in governmental reviews, internal corporate evaluations, or assessments of the overall effectiveness of the facilities security processes;
  • Conduct physical examinations of property to ensure compliance with security policies and regulations;
  • Communicate security status, updates, and actual or potential problems, using established protocols;
  • Collect and analyse security data to determine security needs, security program goals, or program accomplishments;
  • Supervise subordinate security professionals, performing activities such as hiring, training, assigning work, evaluating performance or disciplining; and
  • Plan, direct, or coordinate security activities to safeguard company assets, employees, guests or others on company property.
  • Very competitive Salary
  • Projects that employees can be genuinely proud of
  • Excellent opportunities for career progression
  • Staff incentives and reward schemes
  • Employee extensive training
  • Retirement Plan

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